"I do PPC, twitter, facebook, articles, forums, blogging, youtube,
and even SEO, but still nobody orders. What am i doin wrong?"
I know my products are good, and my testimonials are from real people.  So why dont they believe me?  I’ve
had numerous ad agencies create my ads, and they all said they would be winners, but still no results.  I even
copied some of my competitors ads and they didnt work either.   What the hell is left?
Dont end up like me.
Spendin $495 for a marketing course to help me “learn how to market” isnt worth a damn if i’m just goin to end
up lookin for more “secrets” anyway.  I even found a 69-page book that was better than the crap i bought.

The book is called “
Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed” written by marketing expert Randall Magwood.  I
improved the subscription rate of my newsletter by 55% just from a technique on the 6th page. Randall tripled
his own sales in under 9 months using his more advanced techniques. Also, a simple copywriting change helped
one client to get her very first sale online. Anyway, here's 3 things i got from his book:

  • Why your testimonials will never work if you dont do these 2 things to all of them
  • How you can become the "obvious expert" in your niche in only 20 minutes of time at home
  • The instant, unknown logic prospects use when deciding NOT to buy from you (even if its free)
  • Where your true profits lie, and why if you arent doing this after a sale, you're losing 80% of it

And alot more. Here's what one person said about what Randall's services did for their business: "I went from
2 orders a month to 12 orders in a single day! Randall Magwood is a genius!"
-- Luci Harfield, Port St. Joe, FL

Anyway, i'll email you a copy of the book if you like. Just enter your name and email below so i can send it.
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